Freezing Fall Veggies

veggie blancherHearty vegetables from fall and winter gardens can’t all be canned. You can still preserve some of these nutritious veggies though, by freezing them!

Before putting fresh veggies into a freezer, be sure you blanch them. Blanching method and time will vary based on type of vegetable.

We don’t recommend canning broccoli, but it is easy to blanch and freeze broccoli.

You could pickle Brussels sprouts, or if you want to taste them as is, try freezing Brussels sprouts.

Carrots may be canned, pickled, or frozen to produce high-quality final products.

You can also choose to can cubed winter squash or pumpkin, but if you want to preserve it mashed or as a puree, your only option is to freeze it. Directions for freezing pumpkin are only a little bit different from freezing winter squash.

We also do not have recommendations for canning eggplant, but it is simple to freeze eggplant (directions include how to freeze it for frying later).